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Back in the bag again (mmmph)

The Vicar of Dibley... No spoilers for the Christmas 'special'... but...

In any rational world people would find this shite far more offensive than, say, The Life of Brian and Jerry Springer, the Opera.
Jerry Springer, the Opera was, in fact, a fine meditation on the void at the heart of many peoples' lives. But of course the real reason the whingers were whinging was that Jesus says 'well, maybe I am a bit gay' in it and these people are utterly obsessed with sex at the expense of everything else they could draw from the collection of mutually contradictory gibberish that makes up the Bible. But I digress.

Chief objections to The Vicar of Dibley, and I do know that it is supposed to be an unrealistic bucolic Richard Curtis style fantasy England and that maybe I have no sense of humour about this.

1. Alice is supposed to be the village primary school teacher, and is ludicrously stupid for someone who would have done a B. Ed. or similar

2. The Dawn French character is an insult to women, vicars and let's face it multi-cellular organisms everywhere

3. And this is the one that really gets on my tits... an English parish council is nothing to do with the church, so there seems to be a weird conflation of the parish council and the parochial church council. Or something.

Also, though not germaine to the above

A. It is not funny

B. There were a small number of episodes (not funny, see A above) and then the BBC somehow decided that it was a beloved series that they would keep bringing back for specials. Sorry, dears, but there weren't nearly enough episodes and it wasn't nearly good enough or loved enough to merit this treatment.

Just be grateful that I can't remember the syntax of LJ cuts and need to log on as a different user to install Semagic or you would also get my thoughts on various other TV nonsense including the final two episodes of T...
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