Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel


I have a sore throat.
I had a trip to darkest Thames Valley Park to go to an Oracle seminar. It was about 'Fusion Middleware' so was not going to be a bundle of laughs, but since I have a sore throat you will be spared my thoughts about the acronym soup, except to say that BPEL is the New Exciting Thing. I thought that BPR etc. had been done to death about 12 years ago, and frankly a bit of a scam at the time, but never let it be said that the computer industry isn't good at reinventing the worst things from its past.
Also, the Oracle office is about 100 yards from the Thames, but you would scarcely know it, you have to walk past one of their buildings, over a bit of grass, cross the road scaling a foot high central reservation, and walk down a 30 degree slope. What sort of company wouldn't have a path to the Thames if they were that close to it?
Also, the health food shop didn't have any Banana Flambe vegan truffles in stock. How are we going to mark Celebrate Our Monkey Ancestry day without them?

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