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Weasel Media Update

1. Definitely time to batten down the hatches. Yes, it's Tory conference time. Cameron has the boggle eyes of the true believer. Which is ironic as I don't really think I have any idea of what it is he actually believes in. However, I think it is a fair bet that should he get into power we will find out and I suspect it won't be pretty.
I think that now may be the time to cancel the daily Indy. Perhaps I should write them a 'in order to help save the planet's resources / energy and for reasons of Climate OMFG, I am stopping buying your paper' letter. I still think that mass suicide of concerned Guardian and Indy readers is a better idea though.

2. So hateful was the appearance of Cameron on News 24 that I turned over to How I Met Your Mother. It was the last episode of the first series. Yes folks, there's going to be a second series. Well, in fact it's already started in the U.S.
The last time I mentioned in passing what had happened on a show that I couldn't for one moment imagine anyone caring about it turned out that I was wrong so this shall remain a spoiler free zone. However, the plot did seem to rely more than usual for American sitcoms on people behaving irrationally and out of character. Also a shameless rip-off of the plot of a film which I quite liked. Also, I still can't get over the extent to which Alyson Hannigan can't act. Which is a great shame as Joss Whedon managed to somehow coax a decent performance out of her. I know I should have got over this by now, but I haven't, OK?
I cannot help feeling that there is a fundamental flaw in the 'plot' which is that we are I guess in the territory where in the last reel (if it gets one rather than dying an ignoble death) it turns out that Ted will marry Robin (played by the bizarrely named Cobie Smulders, which I feel should be the name of a character not an actor) in which case the premise that Ted is narrating his love-life prior to meeting the future children's mother rather falls to bits.
Actually, I had a (non-erotic) dream about Alyson Hannigan last night. She was our wacky neighbour. We had a large house (which I think was Modern Art Oxford) and a new and lively young greyhound.
In real life there are just not enough wacky yet loveable neighbours.

3. I don't know how long it's been there, but the pirate station on 87.5 FM (of 'a big shout out to the Chinnor Massive' fame) is back.

4. And the station on 107.9 FM seems to have had a relaunch as Oxford 107.9, and did seem to be playing somewhat less irksome music.

5. Meanwhile, Al Jazeera has fallen off the Sky EPG, although is still broadcasting if you enter the magic numbers in the deliberately awkward sub-sub-menu. It is not clear, apparently, why they have stopped paying Sky for an EPG entry.

6. One theory is that they are going to use the EPG entry for the English language channel when it is finally launched. Although whenever that may be is anyone's guess, it has been on a rolling 'in a couple of months time' for a while now. They are currently broadcasting a rolling promo with David Frost, Ragi Omah, and Zeinab Badawi which they have been showing for months now.
I predict that once Al Jazeera is available in English then the shit will hit the fan from the Daily Mail and friends and the GCC (Grand Coalitions of C***s, i.e. our fine government and opposition). It is one thing to have this sort of thing buried away on the Sky EPG in the darkest (as it were) upper 700s in wiki-wiki talk and strange squiggles, but my oh my if it is in English...
(having said this, when the BBC and co. dutifully point out what footage Al Jazeera has shown of hostages / hostage takers / terrorists / whatever, there is never a hint that you could just hit your remote control and look for yourself).

7. Someone really should buy Melanie Phillips a Sky box, and make sure she has a good look at the Islam Channel. Her head would explode in no time flat. Adverts for muslim charities, muslim primary schools with girls in jilbabs etc.

8. I do have to say that there seems something somewhat suspect about the classification of channels. Why is the Islam Channel which is essentially in English apart from the user of Koranic Arabic up with the foreign language channels not in with the religious (really Christian) ones or the general interest ones? Are the high 700s to mid 800s really the 'will appeal only to foreigners and/or people of dark skin hue' zone? [I could have had so much fun being a leftie, seeing the un-PC everwhere. I should really have put up the JCR motion asking that it be ascertained that the 'more than one country of origin' of the Orange juice in the vending machine by the library stairs didn't include South Africa! [this was the early 80s, of course]].

9. What little I heard of Russell Brand this morning seemed less manic than last week. However I am still with whoever it was on LJ who said that they thought he was within 6 months of a genuine nervous breakdown, surely no-one can sustain that mental state for very long?

10. The pixies that I imagine float round Andrew Orlowski's head seem to have been working overtime.
http://www.regdeveloper.co.uk/2006/09/29/artificial_intelligence_chatbot/. If we ignore the obvious irony of him writing such a formulaic article lambasting the formulaic responses of AI chatbots, I no longer understand what exactly AO is in favour of. In the beginning I thought his scepticism was quite healthy, with particular reference to the more strident Chicken Licken faction of the digital rights / BoingBoing crowd. However, these days he seems to be against everyone and everything. I was particularly surprised to see him take a side-swipe at Stewart Brand since Orlowski clearly has common cause with Jaron Lanier and I can't really see much difference between Brand and Lanier myself.

11. Time to walk the dog, so my irk at seeing copies of James Martin's book about the 21st century will have to wait for another occasion. Suffice it to say that if Martin wishes to donate the money he made flogging his software company to form the Oxford Institute For Thinking Deep Thoughts About Technology We Personally Don't Want To Lower Our Selves To Touch But Will Leave To The Oiks Less Clever Than Us then good for him, but I own a couple of his books and he is a remarkably tedious writer.

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