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Rhymes with 'mine', not with 'sane'

Blackwells has, and this may well be old news to you but I haven't noticed this before, a few shelves in the SF section for obscure imports, special editions etc. This seems surprisingly heavy on the Keith Laumer for some reason, but also had a couple of books which caught my eye. One of these was
Sewer, gas and electric - the public works trilogy by Matt Ruff. Again it may well be old news to you but I had never heard of this. This is not a review as I haven't finished it yet, but it is thus far probably the best novel I have read this year.

There are definite echoes of Illuminatus. One might almost say it is a pastiche, but there is also a certain thematic similarity to the works of Ayn Rand (Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged), but then again there are certain echoes of Rand in Illuminatus, not just Atlanta Hope, the Ayn Rand figure.
There is a great deal of mocking of Rand, such as the title of the entry, explaining how to pronounce Ayn. Matt Ruff has clearly read quite a lot about Rand, and he even quotes from It usually begins with Ayn Rand which I recently(ish) bought a copy of from Abebooks, having originally read Max's copy.

Thinking about Ayn Rand in the shower, and who can honestly say they never have, I came up with the title of an imaginary book / article / thesis - 'A Rand Day Out - Grommit and Galt, Objectivism in the works of Nick Park'.

The other thing that leapt to mind today, was that whilst I was reading the introduction of a long book I have bought about quantum computation I came upon a reference to Grover's Algorithm. The Grover that comes first to my mind and, indeed, Wikipedia's is this one, but pmcray has pointed out that the article says that Grover 'Grover displays a wide array of eloquent and erudite articulan, suggesting a high level of education and sophistication for a 'monster'' so who is to say that Grover himself is not an expert in quantum physics?

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