Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
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Inspired by cleanskies...

Clearly the usual caveats about 'in the cosmic scheme of things blah blah blah' apply.

Some of this should probably be flocked but can't be bothered :-)

1. People who allegedly work with software (sell, support, develop) who have not grasped the importance of some sort of precision in what information they give / get from people, with particular reference to people who use the term 'crash' as in 'I did x and the software crashed' to mean 'it brought up an error message saying it couldn't perform the task but otherwise carried on running'.

2. People who try to fob off vague tasks onto admin people in a way that causes considerably more work for me than if they had just fobbed them off onto me in the first place.

3. Whilst I have nothing against the concept of people gasp horror selling software for gasp horror money, I could do without the gibberish and/or contradictory and/or bizarre licence agreements (e.g. with licence A you can do B, with licence C you can do D if you are selling the software to more than one person otherwise you can only do E until they have signed the contract thereafter you can only do F unless you are doing it on their site in which case you can only do G.)

4. Companies that allegedly sell web development / server tools yet have websites that are appallingly designed and organised, and appallingly slow.

5. Companies that leak information out via blogs, forcing you to (a) read about cycling trips about people that you don't know and don't care about their cycling trips (b) wade through the bizarre illiterate 'Micro$oft are Lamers, Linux is Leet' comments to the blogs in the hope of finding something sensible out.

... that will do for now ...

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