Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Security response - the 'bad film plot' approach


Scenario 1 - there is some magic substance that Jeremy Terrorist can obtain that one can easily smuggle onto a plane in a doctored Coke can, plug ones doctored iPod into it, select the new crap song by Badly Drawn Boy currently getting airplay (just to extinguish any residual question about life being worth living) and BOOM THOK KERBLAM etc.
In this case it is frankly irresponsible that today's new security measures have not been applied since 9/11. Indeed, frankly, since I do not believe that the suitcase screening could detect these magic iPods and Coke cans, the only sensible strategy would be to make people get on the planes in their underwear, have no checked-in luggage and get them to damn well buy some more clothes at the other end. I'm sure Knickerbox, Suit Shack etc. would be only too thrilled...

Scenario 2 - 'oh bugger, you know that bucket of special-super-compact-super-explosive-liquid-XXX that used to be in the corner of the office...'

Scenario 3 - it is all bollocks.

Clearly the massed journos who fell for the Red Mercury thing ('it isn't red, it isn't mercury and it doesn't exist' (TM)) are not going to up to the job of figuring this one out... leading us to...

Scenario 4 - the terrorists, banking on the stupidity of the media and the fine boys of The Met, bring disruption by pretending they have the magic substance.

Scenario 5 - the terrorists are no brighter than the journos or the Met and were going to try to blow up a plane with pink contact lens fluid.

Place your bets.

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