Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Twenty20 Vision

The teams in the Twenty20 cup have rather lame names in the American 'football' / Rugby lamely emulating American 'football' stylee as follows:

Derbyshire Phantoms
Durham Dynamos
Leicestershire Foxes
Lancashire Lightning
Nottinghamshire Phantoms
Yorkshire Phoenix
Essex Eagles
Hampshire Hawks
Kent Spitfires
Middlesex Crusaders
Surrey Brown Caps
Sussex Sharks
Glamorgan Dragons
Gloucestershire Gladiators
Northamptonshire Steelbacks
Somerset Sabres
Warwickshire Bears
Worcestershire Royals

I humbly present my alternative list of names

Self evident(ish):
Lancashire Hotpots
Yorkshire Puddings
Essex Girls
Glamorgan Sausages
Worcestershire Sorcerers
Kent Hops
Sussex Downs

Slightly more tenuous:
Somerset Insiders
Derby Hats
Gloucs Painters
Notts Sailors

For the two near / in London, I think the ground names work nicely:
Middlesex Lords (other possibilities - Middlesex Manics, Middlesex Hermaphrodites
Surrey Ovals

A little bit of history:
Durham Prince-Bishops

Semi-random (but still better than the real ones, methinks):
Leicestershire Llamas (should at least start with the same letter)
Hampshire Hamsters (of course)
Northants Ants
Warwickshire Brummies (because it will piss them off to point out that Warwickshire cricket ground
is really very close to the centre of Birmingham)

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