Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Frying tonight!

In 'ecological catastrophe day' in The Indy, we have James Lovelock on the subject of 'we are doomed, doomed, I tell ye' (a puff for his new book 'We Are Doomed, Doomed, I Tell Ye' (aka 'The Revenge of Gaia')). He suggests that Hari Seldon and a few brave librarians retreat to islands in the far North with their Encyclopedia Galactica, printed on nice acid free paper, to preserve important information e.g.
1. The earth goes round the sun
2. Diseases are caused by bacteria / viruses

Clearly The Independent journalists should do the ecologically responsible thing and stage a mass suicide - 'Save Energy, Drop Dead With A Friend, you know it makes sense'. If they do it by lots then I will personally be prepared to dispatch the last one with my patented Club Of Rome (TM), fashioned from compressed copies of Limits To Growth.

Then again they could just club together and buy a personal Jet aircraft as puffed in one of the supplements over the weekend.

The Indy has become rather silly lately, if I wanted a silly newspaper The Guardian has Doonesbury and Steve Bell in it, so I think I may give up on daily papers for a while.
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