Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

And now, a bigot....

I was surprised but pleased to see the degree of open mockery a member of some group called 'Christian Mainstream' was subjected to on News 24. The presenter was doing a jokey 'marriage, oh, I'm sorry 'civil partnership'' schtick and the guy (who had a dog collar so may have been a minister in some sense or may just have got his kicks in that manner, who knows?) was trotting out the bizarre 'this is unfair as it discriminates against siblings' line, then he realised this probably sounded BAD and switched to '.. or people looking after elderly relatives'.
I wonder whether this line comes from the (to my mind accurate) view that the number of people in this country that take the whole 'vengeful God with very clear views on where you stick your bits and the conditions under which you do so, and a wide repertoire of eternal tortures available for those failing to comply' bit seriously is sufficiently small that they can safely be laughed at, or whether it is revenge for the Jerry Springer nonsense.

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