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Distinctly weird [boring tech]

Strange things have been going on with the interweb here. It started with getting 403s from livejournal.com, ntk.net and oblomovka.com. I had the paranoid thought that my IP address had been banned because they objected to my RSS reader hitting them every half hour or so - particularly LiveJournal which has one feed per user so is being hit n times per half hour. I have not really found any websites that suggest there is any etiquette for this, and I was just running the software with its default setting, your honour.
The contagion then spread to www.jwz.org, which seemed a stretch to my feelings of paranoia as whilst there is a related LiveJournal it would be unlikely for them to pick up a list of blocked IP addresses from LiveJournal.
Then cnn.com. Hmm, I cannot believe that the might of Time Warner is upset by my hitting LiveJournal too heavily. This would seem to switch things to the null hypothesis, that NTL's transparent cache is stuffed.

This morning boingboing.net was OK but the URL of the RSS feed got a 403, which could be argued as supporting the 'this is being blocked for being antisocial' hypothesis (hey, I didn't design the protocol!).

I have now rebooted my cable modem in the hope of clearing this up and when I tried boingboing.net I got the text:

"Check domain parking
It appears that the domain name www.boingboing.net is incorrectly being redirected to our domain parking page. This is probably due to a fault in the domain name resolution used by your computer. Causes could be:

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be experiencing a technical fault with their DNS cache.
You have installed an internet optimiser or accelerator that has broken your computers DNS resolver.
Please do not contact us regarding this problem. We do not have control of your computer or network and we cannot help you. Contact your ISP or IT manager."

Ho hum

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