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Since people have been talking about biodiesel on my flist, I thought I would pass the following on:

As so many people have expressed interest in our fuel and want to try
some out, we have decided to hold a biodiesel sale. It will take place
from 12-5 pm on Saturday 10th December at Castle Mill Boatyard in
Jericho. We will be selling biodiesel in 20 litre containers and hope to
have several tonnes of fuel on sale on the day. It's also an opportunity
for people to come and ask questions about biodiesel in general or in
their own vehicle.

We'll be selling 20 litre containers of 100% biodiesel for £20 including
a £1.50 returnable deposit on the container itself.

Castlemill Boatyard is right next to St Barnabas Church in Jericho:

Just a note about the fuel. It's 100% biodiesel (FAME) made from locally
collected waste fryer oil. It will run virtually any Diesel engine
without the need for engine modifications and can be mixed in any
proportion with mineral diesel (we can advise as to cautious blends to
use for very high-tech Diesels). The fuel is duty paid at 27.1 ppl
(biodiesel for road use).

I haven't actually received any biodiesel yet from them, but that is not necessarily a bad thing as the car is still playing up in what seems a vaguely wetness / temperature dependent way requiring a trip to the Skoda dealer so they can interpret the output from the engine management system (why the garage I normally go to can't ask Skoda I have no idea). It would therefore seem to be a Good Thing to sort the problem out first to isolate any effects that biodiesel might have on it.

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