Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Weasel vs. Technology Part 94

This week's score - Technology 3 Weasel 0

Central heating - knackered microswitch, now fixed

Spectacles - OK, so this is only technology in a loose sense, but stay with me on this one - nose thingy missing in action

Alphasmart - Hyperactive touch screen registering touches over large areas when you touch it at one point, and in fact if the device is shaken at all e.g. by typing on the keyboard. Fortunately, it is still under (return to base) warranty, but Technology wins a special bonus point for arranging it such that the only device we have with Wi-Fi should break on precisely the day that I buy a Wi-Fi router.

The router is the one that Tesco's are selling. No doubt you can get a better one for the same money but I liked the idea of being able to nip to the supermarket to get a wireless router.

I had also just about psyched myself up to attempt to find someone competent to sell and fit the new Sony DAB car radio but clearly the augers are not good, so I shall restrict myself to my plan of throwing out all my socks and knickers (TMI, I hear you cry) and buying some new ones.

Therefore if you hear on the news about a bizarre underwear related death in the Oxford area you will know who.

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