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Let's do an edit, let's do a radio edit

The Phil(l)s played 'don't marry her' this morning. As I have said before, my grand vision is that it is time that everyone 'got over' various things including swearing. My proposal is that everyone be given a few years (something in the range of 2 to 5) to get over it, thereafter it will open season on saying fuck etc. To celebrate this the day after Mothering Sunday will be known as Motherfucking Monday.

Anyway, they played the radio edit, which completely ruins the point of the song. 'Don't marry her, fuck me' means something in the way that 'Don't marry her, have me' doesn't.

This lead me to send them a text which they read out, asking what happened to their idea of doing a special sweary show. They said that they suggested it but the idea fell on stony ground.

This also prompted me to look up the lyrics of 'Good Weekend' by Art Brut. I had vaguely wondered whether 'I saw her naked twice' was a radio edit for something like 'I fucked her twice' or something. I thought it was also possible that it was deliberately chosen to suggest a tone of good hearted enthusiasm and of course following the rule that a gentleman does not bandy names.

Having found the lyrics I think that maybe the version played on the radio IS a radio edit but not this line, since the on-line lyrics say
'We want to be lapsed catholics
We've got the contraception
But we haven't got the knack yet'
but still say 'I saw her naked twice', which actually I prefer. Or maybe I just hadn't noticed the lyrics.

Anyway, I have ordered the album. Also...
The Ophiuchi Hotline by John Varley
a VHS of the version of Metropolis with the rock sound track
The Bug by Ellen Ullman

See what terrible things happen when t__m__i leaves me unsupervised...

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