Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Let's Do The Time War Again...

Assorted thoughts:
1. I think they should have got Tom Baker to do the voice over in the style of Little Britain.
2. I feel vindicated in that I said a long while ago that the Time Lords will be back, even though I am still amazed that the last n episodes of RTD weren't a re-run of the Time War.
3. Can no one teach these people about pacing???
4. Not convinced about Moffat based on his stories so far, myself. I 'ad that Lawrence Miles in the back of my cab once guv'nor.
5. Perhaps now is the time to get Sylvester McCoy (or a CGI replica thereof, as appropriate, or maybe an actor doing as good a job as the rear view of Obama in last night's episode) back and do his regeneration into the new number 8 with the mother of all resets, as a Billie Piper impersonator sobs uncontrollably on the screen (presumably doing a better job of Rose than Billie Piper did on her reappearance) and a chorus of Daleks gathers round a piano at which Elton John sings Goodbye English Rose.
6. And what happened to the Doctor going evil?
[Edited to add item 6]
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